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Business Law

Knowledgeable Massachusetts Business Law Attorneys

Nathanson & Goldberg also practices in the areas of general business law. In the highly competitive business market that exists today, companies need legal counsel that is innovative, responsive, and accessible. We help you to reach your business goals by providing prompt direct answers to all of your business problems, from the complex to the simple.

We provide legal advice to business clients, large and small, from publicly-traded companies to privately-held small growth companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships. From entity selection and filing documents of incorporation through the involvement in actual operations, we work closely with our clients to learn the nuances of their business and business environment.

We analyze your business situation and counsel with you on a wide range of business decisions including:

  • Management structure
  • Financing
  • Internal asset management
  • Strategic planning
  • Litigation avoidance

Many business owners find that, when they experience conflicts in their business, working with an attorney who takes a broad perspective can help create the best solutions. At the Boston based law firm of Nathanson & Goldberg, lawyers take the time to educate their clients on the relevant laws and precedent. Armed with that knowledge, together they determine options and create reasonable goals.

Contact Nathanson & Goldberg to schedule a consultation about your commercial litigation and business concerns at 617.210.4800.

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