Commercial Landlord/Tenant Law Lawyers

The attorneys at Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C represent both landlords and tenants in a range of commercial lease transactions and disputes. If you are seeking assistance from an experienced commercial landlord/tenant law attorney regarding the drafting, negotiating, or reviewing of a commercial lease, or if you are looking for information about commercial evictions, contact the firm today.

Commercial Evictions

Are you seeking help with a commercial eviction after an unpaid rental dispute, property use violation, or incident involving property destruction? A number of specific requirements must be met before a commercial eviction can take place. Additionally, it is important to be aware of laws that protect tenants’ rights, and how they affect the eviction process. Talk to a lawyer today to find out about your options in both monetary and non-monetary eviction actions. We can advise you on the requirements for commercial eviction notices, as well as the timelines and statutes that apply.

Lease Review

Ensuring that your commercial lease is legally sound and of benefit to you as a lessor is an important step. The attorneys at Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C will carefully review your commercial lease to determine if your best interests are being served, and that your obligations and responsibilities are clearly laid out. If not, the firm’s attorneys will work to negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement.

For more information about commercial landlord and tenant law services, contact the firm online or call 617-210-4800.