Real Estate Development Lawyers

Working with an experienced law firm that has an established reputation in real estate development law can help you accomplish your goals more quickly and effectively, while minimizing risk. Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C attorneys have been offering excellent legal counseling in real estate development issues since 1979.

Lawyers at Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C advise clients on many types of real estate development projects including office buildings, condominiums, condominium conversions, new construction projects, shopping centers, residences, and hotels. We have nearly 40 years of experience, and we are knowledgeable about issues related to real estate development. Taking a creative approach, we can help you find efficient and effective solutions for your concerns, just as we have many other clients over our years of practice.

Addressing Your Development Financing Concerns

Obtaining solid advice about your real estate financing options can save you valuable money and time on your real estate development project. Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C gives reliable advice on complex real estate financing issues related to development. Our goal is to provide clients all the necessary information to make sound decisions based on established and alternative real estate financing methods, including loans and mortgages.

To speak with an experienced real estate development attorney, contact Nathanson & Goldberg, P.C at 617-210-4800. Engaging legal counsel from the very beginning of your development project will minimize legal and financial risks, and make sure that your project turns out according to plan.